Blockchain Technology

This course encompasses Blockchain Technology. Wether you are an absolute beginner or a professional, this course has something for you. Further information on the level of each course can be found below. Select your course and get educated on this super exciting topic!

The skills you will acquire


You will get a clear grasp of everything the technology encompasses. You will learn what a ledger is. Why ledgers are important and why blockchain is so revolutionary


You will be able to assist companies on blockchain implementation


You'll get up to speed on the latest developments and have access to our network, which consists of companies and specialists. All active in the blockchain space

About the lecturer

Jordi Jansen

Educational innovation & blockchain enthusiast

Jordi is a lecturer and researcher at The Hague University, Netherlands. He is passionate about new technologies, learning and teaching. Over the last three years he has specialized himself in blockchain technology and is eager to share everything he has learned via this exciting course.