Mastering Blockchain

>>> Welcome learner, to the world of Blockchain technology. Before you jump in, make sure you check the information on this page. Here you’ll find info related to your course: Introduction to Blockchain technology (15ECTS) & Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: Business, Law & IT (30ECTS).

Tutor: Jordi Jansen

Bio: On a quest towards education as a common, a very long journey still ahead of us. Confucius once said though that “every 100,000 league journey starts with a single step”, hence our first steps with this KOIOS infrastructure. Join us in this quest in your own path, towards the same goal: 1,000,000,000 minds with access to a lifelong learning. Let’s do this together. Step by step and bit by bit.

Background: Researcher Digital Technologies, FinTech Lecturer, Financial Auditor, Poker & Movie Freak


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