KOIOS allows you to retrain your workforce. Easy access to a wide variety of topics that matter today. We'll provide short courses and multi-month courses that will elevate the skillset of you and the people who work with you.

You'll also have access to a large pool of students and field-experts. The Hague University alone houses 24.000 students and we'll integrate other universities this year. The first international university we've partnered with is the Accra Technical University, in Ghana.

We also aim to develop new education that companies and government need. The world is moving at an increasingly rapid pace and in order to keep up, we think it's vital that educational content is developed in collaboration with companies and government.

More detailed information can be found on our WIKI

In a nutshell:

  • Retrain your workforce

  • Access to a large network

  • Co-develop education

  • Elevate society's knowledge