A better world starts with better education

We are experimenting with using new technologies to innovate education. Technological advancements are shaping the future. KOIOS makes sure education doesn't stay behind. Our new website will be up in Q2 2020!

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KOIOS is...

...experimenting with new forms of education, accreditation and tuition

KOIOS is an experimental, open learning environment initiated by The Hague University. Its goal is to provide an open, accessible environment for students, teachers educational institutes, companies and government.

...flexible, relevant curriculae

An infrastructure like KOIOS makes it possible to rapidly develop and launch new educational content. We take on several challenges with KOIOS: faster innovation, lower costs for developing education, lower tuition costs and overall accessible education for everyone.

The value for KOIOS users

KOIOS helps you find courses that are relevant to today's demands. Education at your fingertips, with a low barrier-to-entry for everyone in the world. And yes, future-proof courses.

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We believe teachers are passionate people. KOIOS helps you express that passion. Expand your reach, develop new courses and keep track of your progress and in contact with students all over the world.

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Innovation has proven to be slow and expensive. KOIOS changes this. Launch your courses on KOIOS and update your curriculae fast, cheap and easy. Ready to integrate a digital platform into your institution?

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KOIOS is a place to not only find talent, but to also retrain your workforce. You'll find high quality courses related to topics that traditional education usually doesn't offer yet. Besides this, you will have access to an extensive network of talented people.

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Talk to your peers

Our students and lecturers communicate in Slack. You will find channels dedicated to your course and channels dedicated to general topics. This is the place to talk to your teachers, classmates and future employers.

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Did you know?

Koios is the Greek titan of knowledge, intellect and inquisitive mind. He and his wife Phoebe were regarded as the source of all wisdom.

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It seems like KOIOS is still in early stages, when can we expect access to more courses?

The first course, Blockchain Technology, is being recorded and uploaded right now. Other courses will follow in Q3 2020. Later this year, we will post an explainer video on the website, so stay tuned.

How is KOIOS different from other online courses?

KOIOS integrates traditional institutes to its network. This means we can offer students a physical learning environment, next to a digital one. Online courses provide the basis, classrooms at local institutions provide a social learning environment. Furthermore, teachers can be found in our Slack where students can keep in touch with their mentors, as well as other students.

Who is KOIOS for?

KOIOS offers people from around the world access to education on topics that traditional institutes usually don't offer yet. Blockchain is one example, but as our societies evolve, other topics will arise. KOIOS is an infrastructure that helps institutes to innovate and students to find education relevant to today's societies.

What do you hope to achieve with KOIOS?

We foresee a future where education looks very different from how it looks now. We believe education should be accessible to everyone on the planet at zero to low cost and highly flexible and adaptable to society's needs. By experimenting with the combination of digital and physical learning, we hope to achieve this.

Where can I find more information?

Our wiki page contains more information on our plans. If you can't wait any longer to speak to us, please send us an email. The address is listed at the bottom of the website.

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